Title:Innovate, Adopt and Drive the Digital Change
Type of article:Insights/Blog

Growth and revenues of organizations today are highly influenced by the use of technology at work. Innovations, seamless collaborations, automations all add up to yielding operational efficiencies and thereby higher ROIs. Though the number of organizations going the digital path is increasing like never before, yet 70% of digital transformation projects are expected to fail and there are quite a number factors that organizations need to take into consideration while implementing these digital projects.

Businesses are failing to adopt technology to automate critical business functions. The top reasons according to a research by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services (HBR) include the inability to experiment quickly, legacy systems, inability to work across silos, a risk-averse culture and the lack of corporate vision for digital. Taking these steps to mitigate obstacles might help your business to transition smoothly: 

      1. Assessthe scale and scope : 

It is important for management teams looking to have a digital workplace to first understand the goals of the organization and existing skill sets of the employees. This would help determine the right technology that can help evolve the business and achieve the desired objectives.

       2. Make a narrative to drive change :

Have a clear and effective message across the organization's communication channels to drive your digital transformation initiative. A strong narrative is often the starting point to bring about an effective change. Engage the top leaders of the organization to communicate and drive the message.

       3. The learning curve :

When a new technology is introduced, more often the most difficult part is adoption. The effectiveness of a digital change is more about the people of the organization than the technology in use. Change is accepted in different ways by different people, the transformation strategy should take into consideration each employee, a half-baked attempt is equal to not attempting at all. It is necessary to have a training program along with consistent communication across the organization to engage and support your employees to embrace the change.

The shift to a digitally transformed workplace is definitely not an easy one, but if implemented the right way it will be an integral and fruitful asset to our organizations in the near future.