Title:How do I manage access to items?
Type of article:Documentation

In Crrux, for every item that you post or if you are an editor, you have the option to decide who can view and/or edit the particular item. There are four view rights and two edit rights.


View rights which means the users who can only read this item but cannot make any editorial changes, these are of four types:

  1. All registered users of this hive can view : All internal users of hive will be able to access an item if this option is selected.
  2. Some teams and/or users can view :  You may specify user names or team names so as to give view access specifically only to the selected user(s).
  3. Only author can view : By selecting this option the item that you publish will be accessible only the creator/ composer of the item.
  4. Anyone, including public/ not signed in users can view :  This option allows all visitors on your hive's  public website to view the item. 

Edit rights which means the users who would be able to edit an item. By default, every creator/ composer of an item can edit. Below are the two options to allow editing:

  1. Only author can edit :  Select this option if you do no want anybody else to edit the item.
  2. Some teams and or users can edit : Enter user name(s) or teams whom you want to give the rights to edit the item.