Title:4 ways to boost your sales
Type of article:Insights/Blog

Sales can be rough. Getting those numbers every month and achieving quarterly and annual targets. Closing deals can become a really long and tedious process, making cold calls and follow-ups until you finally clinch the deal. And even so, supporting the client is more important than anything else, you don’t want to lose out on those precious clients after putting all that hard work.

The sales module in your hive is focused on making the sales process a little less gruelling and time-consuming. We’ve enlisted the top 4 ways to get started with your sales right away.

#1 Customize deal stages to suit your business

The way we work depends a lot on the workplace culture and the type of industry we belong to. Your customers and prospects can be varied, a freelancer, B2B client or a company of under 10 employees. Each customer will have a different journey in your sales cycle. Every client is unique and the acquisition flow is different. The sales module in your Crrux hive allows flexibility in managing deal stages using different filters and sorting options. You have the flexibility of using different currencies for different deals. Further, the kanban boards allow viewing, tracking and updating the deals to be hassle-free.

#2 Kanban boards

Kanban boards depict all work in a visual and organized manner so that work can be tracked from start to end in a single glimpse. The sales pipeline boards gives a bird’s-eye view of all the deals in different stages, allowing prompt action on important and most urgent deals. Besides, using the different filters you can view the sales deals based on their priority, status of deal or the organization to which they are linked. In kanban boards you can update deals much quicker, whether it is checking the cumulative deal value in a particular column or dragging and dropping the deal cards across the pipeline as your work progresses.

#3 Manage an online marketplace

If you have an array of products or services, Crrux can be your platform to showcase and sell. The Crrux website lets you create a full-fledged catalog of your products or services, where you may give details of the product or service, pricing information,  images and other details. Your customers can book services or place orders as they do on any other platform, and also interact with you by posting comments on the offerings.

#4 All your collateral in one place

Selling and marketing require thorough strategizing and planning, and that means documentation. With the article item in your hive, you can manage all your product data sheets, white papers, pricing sheets, support documents and other collateral with ease. Using the rich-text editor you may add images, embed videos, add tables or simply have a text document.

So go ahead and get results by aligning your sales pipeline in your Crrux hive!